Ice Age Words

Words interest me, and I love seeing how the morph and spread. I haven’t read this study yet, but it is about how certain words may be traced back to a linguistic superfamily. Looking forward to checking this out!


Gofund My Student!

I spent two years teaching in the Marshall Islands. Geovannie Johnson, one of my most reliable students, who recently was a part of a future leaders training program in the states, has been given a scholarship for a summer program at Stanford. This exciting program will help her realize her dream of becoming the Marshall Islands’ first video game designer. The program is covered, but as she comes from a developing country, she needs some help to make it happen. If you can spare anything, please donate to her GoFundMe campaign.

Project Management

I signed up for an online project management course. Not that I have any real free-time to speak of, but it looks like there’s a year to complete it, and it seems to cover some interesting topics. Plus, a lot of jobs I’ve applied for and not heard back from have wanted people with more project management background than I have, so I think it’ll be a good thing. The real draw was that it’s only $50 marked down from $1495.

I’ve never done an entirely online class before, so I’m curious how this is going to go!