Introducing: Stuff I Got Wrong & Weird Wars

When I decided to start the Just Us Podcast to help elect politicians who would refuse to take corporate bribes, it meant putting a lot lot of other projects on the shelf. This included some comics I was working on, a couple books I was planning, as well as a few podcasts I was debating. Some of these ideas I’m going to keep on the shelf in hope of future opportunities, but I’m retooling some of the other ideas into smaller chunks which I hope to release here piecemeal. Here are two fun writing topics which will become recurring blog posts.

Stuff I Got Wrong

Stuff I Got Wrong has a simple premise: an examination of things that I seriously believed at one point in my life but no longer do. I believed some crazy things when I was younger, and now that there’s some distance between me and those beliefs, I feel it will be fun to look at the evidence for and against them. As honestly as I can, I will examine why I think I had those beliefs, and find the true story using the best available scientific evidence. My secret goal is to show people that we can all be fooled, and there’s no shame in admitting when we were wrong.

Weird Wars

While I may someday compile this into a book, Weird Wars will be a series of short articles about different conflicts people have actually fought wars over. Given the content, it’s somewhat dark humor, but there are some surprises. This is a fun opportunity to look at some of the less-inspected corners of history. To me, it also really hammers home the idea that wars are a matter of perspective and the things that some people today might think are worth killing over are subjects that future history students will laugh at.