(This page is a work in progress.)

Humanism is a critical part of my life. I am constantly engaged in the pursuit of enforcing human and civil rights, with a focus on literacy and education. Here are some of the major projects I’ve been involved in.

IRRSA Network

I’ve been working hard at planning the Involuntary Remigrant and Refugee Support and Advocacy Network. I hope it’ll eventually become an NGO which gives language, culture, life, and job support to people who have been deported from the United States. The website is here.

Just Us Podcast

With my cohost Miguel, I host a podcast focusing on the events and candidates of the Justice Democrats/Brand New Congress. We are working on recruiting, training, and campaigning qualified political candidates who are all sworn to not take corporate donations.  The website is here.


While I’ve not been as involved as I wish I was, I am a part of the Washington State branch of Wolf-Pac, an organization devoted towards calling for a constitutional convention for a 28th amendment to remove legalized corruption from America.

Teaching / Art Club

Peace Corps