Clean Plates

I was actually preparing this as one of my first tutorials! I haven’t watched this yet, but figured I’d share it since there’s no point reinventing the wheel. If my technique was drastically different I’ll still do it.


Blender Motion Tracking

Here’s a tutorial I found for camera motion tracking in Blender and compositing in 3d models. It’s good if you’ve never done it before, but it also covers the upcoming version of Blender so a good update for people who already know the basics.

One quick tip which the host forgot to mention: if you are using beta builds of Blender 2.8, don’t open or save files you’ve worked on in previous versions since you may loose compatibility.

Use of Blender for Lighting System

I am constantly hearing of reasons why learning Python to use with Blender is a fantastic idea. One of them was for a motion-controlled camera rig to perfectly synchronize physical 3d movement with virtual movement in digital 3d space. Now I learn of someone who’s figured out how to use Blender to control a theatrical lighting system. (Read story here.)

Please keep exposing me to these wonderful, lateral-thinking solutions!

Agent 327 Released!

All you Blender fans, the Blender Institute has released the long-awaited short Agent 327. The animation is fantastic and it’s incredible to see what can be done with free software. More importantly, as with all Blender Institute projects, because Blender coders are working on projects using Blender, they are able to see first-hand opportunities for how to improve it, so the challenges they faced will directly inspire improvements to the software.

Read more about the behind-the-scenes here.

A Surprise Encounter

I made this image, which I am calling A Surprise Encounter, to test out the new version of the Manuel Bastioni Lab in Blender. It was done entirely in Blender with the additional help of the Sapling addon for the trees, but with no additional post-processing.

Here’s the final version:

A design I made just for fun in Blender with the Manuel Bastioni Lab.

Here is a matcap version:


And a partial wireframe of the scene: